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Troubleshooting Oracle Applications

What are the log and config files for Apache in release 11i ?

There are totally 4 log files where Apache write the log. They are:
1. error_log
2. access_log
3. mod_jserv.log
4. jserv.log

How do you check a release 11 OWS version 3.0 web server is up ?

ps –ef grep –i ows

How do you verify if jserv is up ?



How do you check if concurrent managers are up or not ?

ps –fu grep FNDLIBR grep –v grep or this can be also done from SYSADMIN responsibility.

If just the ICM is down how do you start it without affecting other managers ?

$FND_TOP/bin/startmgr sysmgr="APPS/APPS PASSWORD" mgrname=$TWO_TASK

How do you very if the reports server is down are up ?

ps –fu apps_owner grep rwmts60

Where do you find the discoverer related log files for discoverer troubleshooting ?

In discoverer server go to


How do you verify the MWA server is up in Mobile Web Apps Environment ?

ps -ef grep mwa